“Unpredictable amalgam of American song.” -East Bay Express. 

Toby Oler is a songwriter, banjo player and composer from Economy, Indiana. He lives in Oakland, California.

Of late, Toby’s written a few songs with Michael James Tapscott and Elliott Peck. His songs have been covered on record by The White Lightning Boys, Midnight North and Lexi Len Minnich.





2017 “Look Who It Is” 
2017 “Four Very Short Stories EP” 
2017 Toby Oler and China “Everyone’s Playin’ Pretend EP” 
2017 Toby Oler and Emery Barter “Yes Please EP”
2016 “So Does The Night EP” 
2015 “Thank You Bird Snider”
2015 “Clonesome”
2014 “Tapscott Sings Toby” 
2012 “OVTOV”
2012 The Nashville Knives “Up To No Good Again” 
2010 The Nashville Knives “Sometimes Trouble Just Follows A Man EP” 
2007 “The Kristie Tape”


Old Interview: Toby Oler & Michael Tapscott on “Tapscott Sings Toby”



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